Fix Your Jiu Jitsu Reviews: Combat Skin’s Combat Warrior Rashguard and Tights

combat skin rash-tights-combo-pack

Before we get into the review of Combat Skin’s Combat Warrior Rashguard and Tights Combo which is on sale by the way for $80 instead of the regular $110 let’s learn a little bit about the product.

Meerkatsu Design

meerkatsu tights

The Qilin has the head of a heavenly dragon, the body of a lion, scales of a Koi fish, a tail similar to a raging bull and the hooves of a great stallion.

The artwork is 100% sublimated and will not crack, peel or fade even after heavy and prolonged usage.
The fabric is high quality and reinforced with flatlock stitching for comfort.

Rash Guard Specification
There are so seams in the underarms and the tags are also 100% sublimated for maximum comfort.
The rashguard has been prewashed so there are no remnants of chemicals and can be used right away.

Grappling Tights Specification
The waist features a drawstring as well as a 4 stitch waistband, both to ensure that your tights don’t come off.
The ankles also feature a 4 stitch lining so that the tight doesn’t ride up.
The tight has been prewashed so there are no remnants of chemicals and can be used right away.

Specification for Both

  • 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry
  • Do not iron or dry clean

Let’s Get To The Review

full rashguard and tights

I love both the rashguard and the tights. The colors are vibrant and the material feels great against my skin because the fabric is soft.

The Combat Warrior Rashguard

back of shirt

As a woman it is difficult shopping for rashguards. They are usually built for men with broad shoulders and a box shaped waist. I’m often hesitant rashguard shopping and just end up purchasing Women Compression Dri-Fit shirts because I know it will conform to my body.

This Combat Skin rashguard is an exception. It is truly a unisex rashguard, I didn’t feel like a woman trying to fit into men’s clothes. When I put the rashguard on I noticed I wasn’t getting choked by the collar like I’ve experienced with other rashguards. It conforms to my armpits, boobs, and waist for a comfortable fit. There is elastic stitching at the bottom of the rashguard to keep it from riding up. There is some extra space in the arms and that was expected because I don’t have huge muscles. That’s okay because I still feel like a badass wearing it. The design is so amazing and different.

There is no discomfort rolling in the rashguard because it fits so well. Even though I sweat a lot during rolls my body didn’t get freezing cold in-between rolls which was great because I hate that feeling.


The Combat Warrior Tights

drawstring and grip

The tights are my favorite! It’s form fitting and holds my big butt in place. It has an elastic waistband and drawstring for double support. The waistband is enough support for me. The tights also have elastic ankle support so it won’t roll up. I love that it doesn’t have extra male junk space that I was expecting in the crotch area. Combat Skin successfully made a unisex rashguard and tights that work for all practitioners.

I followed the directions for washing care to machine wash cold and hang dry. It dries fairly quickly and was ready to use the next day. The colors didn’t fade and the material didn’t stretch on the first wash. Time will tell if it holds up.

My Measurements

I’m 5’7″ and weigh 143 lbs. My waist is 32 inches and my hips/butt is 39 inches. I got a size Small in the Combat Skin Warrior Rashguard. I got a size Large in the Combat Skin Warrior Tights. The website has a sizing chart to take the guess work out of selecting your size.

You guys should jump on the Combat Skin’s Combat Warrior Rashguard and Tights Combo sale while it’s still $80. The company Combat Skin is still building their name but what is already setting them apart is their great customer service and their enthusiasm to support practitioners with their sponsorship program.

full front view

side view rashguard and tights

back view rashguard and tights


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