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Learn bjj techniques from the best jiu jitsu practitioners. Remember you can’t just watch film to earn your black belt you have to practice, drill, spar, and eat right.

Hip Thigh Knee Side Control | Xande Ribeiro

Fundamental Jiu Jitsu! Learn another way to maintain your dominance in the side control position.


Rickson Gracie Invisible Jiu Jitsu Mount Escape

Learn Invisible Jiu Jitsu with Rickson Gracie as he shows us an intricate detail to escape the mount position.

High Percentage Mounted Armbar – Rodolfo Vieira

In this video Rodolfo Vieira shows his set up for the highly effective Mounted Armbar. Works in both gi and nogi.


I also posted the Fix Your Jiu Jitsu videos of Rodolfo hitting it in competition. Take notes folks!

Roleta Sweep Still Effective 1996-2014 | Roleta, Saulo Ribeiro, Dominyka Obelenyte

Roleta Sweep

The Roleta Sweep is a sweep that occurs when your opponent stands up in your closed guard and you perform an Overhead Sweep. The ‘Roleta’ Sweep name became popular when Roberto ‘Roleta’ Magalhaes hit it on Saulo Ribeiro then submitted him at the 1996 Brasileiro¬†Championship. The overhead sweep from closed guard is still very effective today.

Check out the video below

Roleta Vs Saulo Ribeiro 1996 

Dominyka Obelenyte Vs Sijara Eubanks 2014

Saulo Ribeiro Teaching Roleta Sweep

Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes teaching three ways to pass the guard

Draculino is teaching two ways to pass the De La Riva guard and one way to pass the spider guard. Good stuff!

Knee On Belly Sweep | Kevin Howell

You can never have too many knee on belly escapes in your arsenal!

Knee On Belly Escapes | Saulo Ribeiro

Being on the bottom of knee on belly with an opponent who knows how to use pressure is terrible. Develop your escapes now.

Escaping Back Mount | Saulo Ribeiro

Learn how to escape back mount from the best jiu jitsu instructor in the world.

Knee Shield Pass | Xande Ribeiro

You can also do a X-pass from that position if your opponent doesn’t grab your ankle.

Wristlock From Top Of Side Mount | Keenan Cornelius

Couple of sneaky attacks to finish you opponent. The wristlock is always there.