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Bjj techniques from closed guard. Guard retention, sweeps, passing, submissions.

Roleta Sweep Still Effective 1996-2014 | Roleta, Saulo Ribeiro, Dominyka Obelenyte

Roleta Sweep

The Roleta Sweep is a sweep that occurs when your opponent stands up in your closed guard and you perform an Overhead Sweep. The ‘Roleta’ Sweep name became popular when Roberto ‘Roleta’ Magalhaes hit it on Saulo Ribeiro then submitted him at the 1996 Brasileiro¬†Championship. The overhead sweep from closed guard is still very effective today.

Check out the video below

Roleta Vs Saulo Ribeiro 1996 

Dominyka Obelenyte Vs Sijara Eubanks 2014

Saulo Ribeiro Teaching Roleta Sweep


Triangle Set Up Off Flower Sweep | Braulio Estima

If you are unable to get the flower sweep a sneaky triangle submission is available!

Basic Flower Sweep From Closed Guard | Braulio Estima

Basic Flower Sweep from the closed guard position.

Brabo Grip Closed Guard Submission Series | Jake McKenzie, Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Start the video at 1:15 to see just the technique.

A closed guard attack series everyone should have in their arsenal! Brabo Grip Closed Guard Series.

Low Closed Guard Opening Techinque

Jon Delbrugge showing a low closed guard breaking technique.