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Bjj techniques from the side mount position. Escapes and submissions

Hip Thigh Knee Side Control | Xande Ribeiro

Fundamental Jiu Jitsu! Learn another way to maintain your dominance in the side control position.


Knee On Belly Sweep | Kevin Howell

You can never have too many knee on belly escapes in your arsenal!

Knee On Belly Escapes | Saulo Ribeiro

Being on the bottom of knee on belly with an opponent who knows how to use pressure is terrible. Develop your escapes now.

Wristlock From Top Of Side Mount | Keenan Cornelius

Couple of sneaky attacks to finish you opponent. The wristlock is always there.

Escape Side Mount Concepts | Nic Gregoriades

Great side mount escape explanation by Roger Gracie’s first black belt student.