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Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 20 | Guilherme Mendes Baseball Choke Highlight

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High Percentage Mounted Armbar – Rodolfo Vieira

In this video Rodolfo Vieira shows his set up for the highly effective Mounted Armbar. Works in both gi and nogi.


I also posted the Fix Your Jiu Jitsu videos of Rodolfo hitting it in competition. Take notes folks!

Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes teaching three ways to pass the guard

Draculino is teaching two ways to pass the De La Riva guard and one way to pass the spider guard. Good stuff!

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 7 – Deep Half Guard Sweep | Bernardo Faria, Rodolfo Viera, Andre Galvao

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu is a quick analysis of a common mistake that occurs during Brazilian jiu jitsu competitions. There are numerous factors that can determine your success or failure in competitions; experience, strength and conditioning, body awareness, positioning, timing, the list goes on. In the video we look at a simple high percentage deep half guard sweep that works from white to black belt!

Have you ever hit this sweep before?

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 5 – Grip and Go Standup | Rodolfo Vieira, Xande Ribeiro

Every match starts from the feet. Develop your stand up game early!

Mount Escape Concepts | Saulo Ribeiro

Understanding these concepts will turn you into an escape artist!

Fish Hook Mount Escape | Rener Gracie

Fundamental mount escape every jiu jitsu practitioner should know.

Brabo Grip Closed Guard Submission Series | Jake McKenzie, Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Start the video at 1:15 to see just the technique.

A closed guard attack series everyone should have in their arsenal! Brabo Grip Closed Guard Series.

Low Closed Guard Opening Techinque

Jon Delbrugge showing a low closed guard breaking technique.

Rolling Armbar From Kimura Grip | David Avellan

Nice transition from the half-guard kimura position.