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Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 20 | Guilherme Mendes Baseball Choke Highlight

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Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 18 – Grappling Hooks | Rodolfo Vieira, Rafael Lovato Jr, Rafael Mendes, Keenan Cornelius

Jackson Souza vs James Puopolo | Black Belt Adult Male Open Class Final | IBJJF 2014 Dallas Open


Jackson Souza’s passing sequence off the spider guard (1:22 min) was awesome to watch. His grip to the far hip after he passed help solidify his position.

High Percentage Mounted Armbar – Rodolfo Vieira

In this video Rodolfo Vieira shows his set up for the highly effective Mounted Armbar. Works in both gi and nogi.


I also posted the Fix Your Jiu Jitsu videos of Rodolfo hitting it in competition. Take notes folks!

SheRolls 2014 Pan Ams Womens Brown/Black Belt Highlight Video

Let’s Hear It For The Girls!

Thanks for taking the time to put together this awesome Women’s Jiu Jitsu highlight video and putting a spotlight on women jiu jitsu. Love the song of course!

Rodolfo Vieira Vs Leandro Lo | WPJJC 2014 Semi-Finals

Rodolfo and Lo are back at it again! Lo put up a better fight in the beginning, but once Rodolfo passed his guard it was Copa Podio Deja Vu.


Roleta Sweep Still Effective 1996-2014 | Roleta, Saulo Ribeiro, Dominyka Obelenyte

Roleta Sweep

The Roleta Sweep is a sweep that occurs when your opponent stands up in your closed guard and you perform an Overhead Sweep. The ‘Roleta’ Sweep name became popular when Roberto ‘Roleta’ Magalhaes hit it on Saulo Ribeiro then submitted him at the 1996 Brasileiro¬†Championship. The overhead sweep from closed guard is still very effective today.

Check out the video below

Roleta Vs Saulo Ribeiro 1996 

Dominyka Obelenyte Vs Sijara Eubanks 2014

Saulo Ribeiro Teaching Roleta Sweep

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 12 – Rolling Armbar From Mount | Rodolfo Vieira, Tye Murphy

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 11 – Break Armbar Defense Grips | Bernardo Faria, Andre Galvao, Rafael Lovato Jr

What do you do to break your opponent’s grip when they defend the armbar submission?

Romulo Barral Vs Demian Maia | 2006 Brasileiro

Quick Cross Choke finish by Romulo Barral.